Bacomex™ Multilayer barrier compression moulding
Bacomex™ Multilayer barrier compression moulding
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Bacomex™ by Aisapack
Bacomex™ is a high tech barrier process, that is both efficient and cost effective. This plastic multilayer
compression moulding process has been developed
by Aisapack for various plastic packaging applications.
High barrier solution
Here shown are some examples of packaging applications:
How does it work?

With the Bacomex™ process, a two-layer extruded dose is placed into the cavity, and the compression mandrel then forces the two materials towards the outer edge of the cavity to form a 5-layer structure made up of two EVOH layers embedded inside the PE layers.

The result is a completely embedded barrier integrated into the whole component.

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Tube packaging solutions
Resulting barrier improvements are:

Oxygen barrier improvement factor (BIF) of 10 or larger.

Flavour barrier improvement factor (BIF) of 100 or larger.
Beverage closure solutions
Beverage packaging solutions
Consulting Services Provided

For any of the above mentioned or additional applications, Aisapack can develop a specific mould dosing procedure and validate the barrier improvement factor for a range of desired applications.
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