Bacomex™: Bottle top
Bacomex™ Multilayer barrier compression moulding
Bacomex™: Bottle top
International patents are pending covering packaging, components and the Bacomex™ process.
Bottle top
Bottle top produced using Bacomex™ compression moulding technology
Aisacan™ equipped with Bacomex™ technology transforms this package into a high barrier beverage container. This combination is especially suited for beverages which are oxygen sensitive and require an extended shelf life.
The multilayer bottle top of the package is produced off-line using Bacomex™ compression moulding technology. This additional technology increases the shelf life sevenfold of the sensitive products packed.
Unique Sales Proposition:
  • Aisacan™ brings the most packaging convenience with the least amount of material
  • Ergonomic hand feeling sets this hybrid package apart from the rest
  • Cold refreshing touch when taken from the refrigerator
Aisacan Bacomex™ Bottle top
Packaging applications:
Oxygen sensitive Beverages
  • Dairy products
  • Premium Juices
  • RTD Teas
Packaging example:
  • Pre-moulded Bacomex™ multilayer bottle top
  • Aluminium Barrier laminate sleeve 50 mm diameter
  • Closure diameter 21.6 mm
  • Volume size 250 ml
Intellectual property:
After moulding, the multilayer plastic part is cut and iodine is applied in order to visualise the embedded EVOH barrier layers which are otherwise transparent.
Packaging performance:
  • Oxygen permeation

    Bacomex™ Oxygen permeation

  • Oxygen Barrier Improvement Factor =12
    > Standard co-extruded tube: 0.022. ccO2/pack/day/atm
    > Bacomex™ tube: 0.0020 ccO2/pack/day/atm
  • Aroma Barrier Improvement Factor >100
Bacomex™ bottle top
  • Aisacan™ launch volumes are produced using monolayer components
  • Phase two high Barrier Aisacan’s are under evaluation
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