Bacomex™: Closures for beverages
Bacomex™ Multilayer barrier compression moulding
Bacomex™: Closures for beverages
Closures for beverages
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Beverage closure produced using Bacomex™ compression moulding technology
In order to be totally protected against oxygen permeation, a beverage container must also consider the closure system. Today’s high barrier closures require the incorporation of a liner or oxygen scavenging system. Applying Bacomex™ technology to the closures allows the production of high barrier closures in a one step operation using compression moulding technology.
  • High barrier against oxygen and CO2 permeation and aroma migration
  • One step production process
  • Based on well established Sacmi compression moulding technology platform
  • Identical closure including greatly improved barrier protection
Beverage Bacomex™ closure
Oxygen sensitive Beverages
  • Premium Juices
  • RTD Teas
  • Bacomex™ multilayer closure 38mm
  • Bacomex™ multilayer closure 28mm
  • Barrier PET bottle
International patents pending. Licensed machine supplier and user license for producer.
Cap production machine under development by SACMI Imola Italy
  • Oxygen permeation

    Bacomex™ Oxygen permeation

  • Cap 38 mm BIF=4
    > Standard plastic cap: 0.0242 ccO2/pack/day/atm
    > BacomexTM cap: 0.0056 ccO2/pack/day/atm
  • PET bottle 33cl (Mulitlayer) + cap 38 mm BIF=4
    > Standard plastic cap: 0.024 ccO2/pack/day/atm
    > BacomexTM cap: 0.0067 ccO2/pack/day/atm
Bacomex™: Closures for beverages
After moulding, the multilayer plastic part is cut and iodine is applied in order to visualise the embedded EVOH barrier layers which are otherwise transparent.
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