Bacomex™: Conceptual applications
Bacomex™ Multilayer barrier compression moulding
Bacomex™ Conceptual applications
Numerous application fields
The passive barrier technology Bacomex™ stops the escape of the aroma and the ingress of the oxygen.

It preserves the flavour and aroma longer, extends the shelf life, protects the product from spoilage, and keep its "first-day-freshness" taste.

Bacomex™ is the ideal solution for applications as diverse as food, pharma, high end cosmetic, toothpaste and oxygen sensitive beverages.
SAESA® barrier shoulder component produced using Bacomex™ compression moulding technology
The SAESA® laminate tube consists of several components assembled into a high barrier tube.

The tube sleeve comprised of aluminium or plastic barrier laminate is an effective barrier protection.

Previous state-of-the-art shoulder barrier capacity could be improved by adding an insert or barrier liner.

These costly added parts are mainly effective to reduce flavour loss. Using compression moulding, a SAESA® shoulder can be made using Bacomex™ multilayer technology.

SAESA® tubes equipped with Bacomex™ barrier shoulders will be able to protect better, not only from flavour loss but also from oxygen penetration.
High Barrier PET bottles produced
using Bacomex™ compression moulded
multilayer preforms
Aisapack consulting services related to Bacomex™ technology
To extend the shelf life of oxygen sensitive products and to pack new products in PET, the barrier performances of PET packaging needs to be improved.

So far, high barrier PET containers required either injection moulded multilayer PET preform or a surface treatment applied to the monolayer PET bottle ; both variants being complex and expensive.

Applying Bacomex™ technology to the PET would allow the production of high barrier PET preforms in a one step operation in an easy and competitive way.
Equipped with a deep understanding of the global plastic packaging market and its technologies, Aisapack now offers consulting services focused on taking full advantage of Bacomex™, its new cutting-edge barrier technology.

Aisapack’s core technical competencies include industrial process expertise in:
  • Compression moulding
  • Stretch blow moulding
  • Injection and extrusion
  • Plastic welding technologies
  • Simulation and theoretical modelling
All the above mentioned subjects are key competencies to which Aisapack can bring its savoir-faire, to tackle even the most complex packaging problems. Aisapack has filed numerous patents on packaging, processes and devices. We are licensing these for various applications.

Packaging and material characterization

Aisapack is also performing mechanical performance analysis and quantifying permeation and migration in packaging and materials.
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