Bacomex™: Tube heading for plastic tubes
Bacomex™ Multilayer barrier compression moulding
Bacomex™: Tube heading for plastic tubes
Tube heading for plastic tubes
PTH plastic tube barrier heading using Bacomex™ compression moulding technology
In the production of seamless extruded plastic tubes, the moulded shoulder is known for being the weakest part where oxygen can enter and aromas escape. Bacomex™ multilayer compression moulding technology is an efficient barrier protection embedded into the entire tube head.
Unique Sales Proposition:
  • Technology based on evolutionary PTH equipment
  • One step moulding and assembly process
  • Cost competitive
  • Unchanged shoulder design and no process waste
  • Opens new opportunities for plastic tubes
  • Potential for higher margin tubes
  • Offers extended shelf life packaging for sensitive products
PTH Bacomex™ tube shoulder
Aisa Plastic Tube heading machines PTH 200, PTH 150, PTH 100 and PTH 60.

Output from 60 to 200 tubes/min.
Market applications:
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Natural or preservative free cosmetics
Packaging example:
  • Plastic tube 300 ml, diameter 50 mm
  • Co-extruded tube sleeve
  • Bacomex™ multilayer tube head
Intellectual property:
International patents pending. Licensed machine supplier and user license for producer.
After moulding, the multilayer plastic part is cut and iodine is applied in order to visualise the embedded EVOH barrier layers which are otherwise transparent.
Packaging performance:
  • Oxygen permeation

    Bacomex™ Oxygen permeation

  • Oxygen Barrier Improvement Factor =12
    > Standard co-extruded tube: 0.022. ccO2/pack/day/atm
    > Bacomex™ tube: 0.0020 ccO2/pack/day/atm
  • Aroma Barrier Improvement Factor >100
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